Painting is a great way to improve your home, inside and out.

Whether interior or exterior painting, we can provide an attractive, long-lasting finish with quality preparation and products.  Treat yourself to a quality paint job from an expert, drug and alcohol-free expert painter.

We've all seen the poor paint jobs, right?  The peeling paint in the picture below was applied by professionals.  I watched the company pressure wash the home, and preprime the bare wood.  Then they sprayed the whole house, and within weeks it promptly peeled and bubbled, with slabs of paint falling off.

peeling paint

This didn't have to happen, and just a few hundred dollars of prep would have prevented a mess.  Many paint companies have a background of working on tract homes and new built materials, where average technique seems to serve.  Quality painters know better than to skip a rudimentary scraping and cleaning.

The pictures below show a portion of the same home, washed, prepped and primed.  The paint primer is applied with an airless sprayer at very low pressure, and brushed in by hand for superior adhesion.  Two coats of quality paint finished the body: