Our Approach

Listen to the homeowner.  It all starts there.  It is easy, as a remodel expert, to look at a project and know what to do; however, the homeowner is the expert on the vision for their home.  Once we understand their vision, we apply our talents to make it happen in a smart, affordable manner.  We look for every opportunity to communicate effectively so our customers can confidently make informed decisions and see their vision materialize.

Our Approach

Our Story


L. C. Willis III

Project Supervisor

About Chuck Willis

I am the Project Supervisor and Lead Carpenter for Centralia Remodeling Plus.  Though I worked plenty for my family as a young boy building barns, sheds and everything else that comes with a farm, I've worked professionally as a carpenter since my apprenticeship in Randle, WA, 28 years ago.  There, I had the good fortune to work for Randle Woods, and my mentors were Steve Roberts, Bruce Roberts, Paul Black and Bob Callison.  These gifted men helped shape me into the carpenter I am today.

My wife, Marcella, and I are raising our family here in Centralia.  We own a hundred-year-old home, and have improved it over the years.  I like to hunt and fish, read, write, play chess, plant trees, work in the woods and garden.  One of my favorite hobbies is to restore old homes, and I am currently restoring a classic Dutch Colonial to its former status as a well-appointed home with superb quality of living.  It is my great fortune to love my trade, and I am further blessed to work for the wonderful people in my life: family, friends and customers, one home at a time.

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