Custom Remodel

Whether you want to update a bathroom, open a French door to the garden, or build an addition to your home, we provide remodeling expertise and quality craftsmanship from people who love the work.  We understand your desire to improve your home, because we have homes too.  What is your vision for your home?  Let us know, and be assured we'll work hard to make it a reality.

One of our specialties is modernizing older, classic homes without losing the class and character of the original.

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Project Planning

Centralia Remodeling Plus offers affordable consultation and project planning to customers.  Getting the right information before you start a remodel project can save time, money and headache.  It helps to consult with an expert who is there for you, the customer.  There is no obligation to hire us, because we aren't consulting to sell our services; we are there to get quality information to you, hone your plan and enable you to proceed with confidence, knowing you've got good information and avoiding expensive mistakes.


Service calls

Perhaps you aren't planning a remodel project, but there are some maintenance or repair items on your list, and you need them taken care of.  Many general contractors are just not available for these small jobs, simply because they are specialists or prefer large projects with larger profit margins.  Many handyman are not suited for a higher level of finish.  Centralia Remodeling Plus is a local, experienced company that can get it done right.  Give us a call and we'll get your home the way you want it!

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Since 1993

Why Centralia Remodeling Plus?

Honesty.  Our customers can depend on straight-forward, honest communication from start to finish.

Trust.  It is an honor and a privilege to work on customer's homes.  We are responsible and partner with trusted, talented local sub-contractors with deep ties to the community.

Communication.  Listening to our customer and shaping our efforts to meet their specific needs and ensure the best possible construction experience.

Experience.  There is no substitute for the talented, local tradespeople and businesses who provide quality work for our customers.


Complete Home Remodel

Next Steps...

If you have questions or want to discuss your project, feel free to speak or text directly to Project Manager and lead carpenter, Chuck Willis.  You can benefit from his years of experience with a simple phone call, no charge and no obligation!